Soul Hustle & Flow

Spirituality Coach Certified through the CTAA, and Reiki II Attuned in the Usui System of Natural Healing, My journey began as nothing more then an intuitive pull--  an inner knowing that there was more to these feelings and emotions I was experiencing.
Just like I knew the societal and cultural programming "emotions are bad" or "sensitive people don't get far in life" was nothing more then a fallacy keeping women from truly connecting with their highest selves, healing on a spiritual level and living a life of abundance and happiness. Now, I have devoted my life to creating a safe space that women can explore their emotions freely and without judgement. To become their own guru, tapping into the Divine Energy. Once we become Awakened to this inner Goddess that resides in each of us, Life truly becomes limitless. 

Healing. Passion. Fulfillment. Grace. Love. Confidence.

Awaken The Goddess Within.