At Soul Hustle & Flow, it is our Mission to create and support the growth and ascension of World-Class Light Workers and Energy Healers.

It is said that if you have been called to use Universal Life Force Energy for your own healing, and have the desire to help others in the same way, chances are you were a Healer in a past life.

I know from experience, that when I found Reiki Energy Healing, or rather when it found me, there was this deep inner knowing that sparked within my soul, that this was for me. I had no idea at the time that I would use Reiki Energy Healing to process and overcome childhood trauma which resulted in less anxiety attacks, and eventually led to the healing of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and the ability to completely stop using narcotics to cope.

Within a handful of years I completely changed my state of being from constantly stressed and on-edge, to calm and peaceful (most of the time). And for the first time in my life, I felt as if I had finally Come Home to myself.

If you’ve found yourself on this page, it’s likely not by chance.

So whether you are just beginning your own Journey of Healing, or have the call within your heart and soul to guide others on their path, the Soul Hustle & Flow Healer’s Academy may be right for you.

Are You A Woman Who: 

  is committed to her own self-discovery and healing.

  is willing to go through the hard parts of healing to release and transmute pain and trauma.

  understands the importance of having a strong foundation of mindset for healing.

  has the desire to guide others to empowerment, love and light.

  believes that everyone is entitled to healing.


Then Awakened Healer may be for you!

What is Awakened Healer?

Awakened Healer is an 8-week integrative and immersive program where you will become a Certified Practitioner in the Usui System of Natural Healing.

Foundational Curriculum:

  1. Learn the History of Reiki 
  2. Use Reiki for Self-Healing
  3. Use Reiki for In-Person Healing
  4. Use Reiki for Distance Healing


  1. Weekly Live Trainings and Q&A in a Private Facebook Group.
  2. Receive invaluable wisdom from real-life experience from someone who has gone through the trenches of self-healing and has facilitated healing for countless others.
  3. Support from other women on the same journey, building a lasting bond of sisterhood.
  4. Exchange healing sessions for practice.
  5. Get virtually instant help and support with anything that comes up in your own healing and transition to becoming a World-Class Healer.

To see if the SHF Healer’s Academy is right for you, book your Discovery Call below and Apply!